Oh, man. I can see the grief in everywhere. It’s like a grief fog has blanketed our society, and we haven’t accepted it. Covid caused a lot of change, to put it lightly. In my selfish little world, it’s been a gift. The pandemic ended up being a catalyst for so much professional and personal growth for me. Before Covid, I taught full-time and moonlit art commissions when I wasn’t teaching. I read somewhere in some fancy design magazine that in order to be successful in the art world, you have to have a full-time job. So, that’s what I did. However, my art was stagnant. It wasn’t until Covid turned my teaching career upside-down that I took a leap of faith into painting full-time. 


It was - and still very much is - terrifying and exciting. But, I’ve grown more in the last two years than I had in the previous ten. 


While paint brushes are my tools of choice, I also work with recycled materials, archaeological illustrations, graphic design, and photography. The thing I love the most about art is that everyone sees and feels art through their own beautiful filters. I love the idiosyncrasy of it all. I draw inspiration from many reservoirs like drawing a single pail of water from many wells. Each brushstroke is thoughtful and intentional. It really is spiritual process for me. 

        - Kyle Jeffrey (he/him/his)

cute artist
     Art enables us to
 find ourselves
   & lose ourselves
     at the same time.

I'm a Midwest-based painter operating out of a 1967 Airstream (Dottie). My home base is in Indianola, IA, but my roots spread far. I pull inspiration from the therapy and healing I get from being in nature, hence a love for travel. I spent a lot of my 20s in the mountains and rivers in Colorado and Alaska. Each brushstroke has intention, and I hope it brings you some of the healing I get from creating it. You will predominantly see canvas and windows in my workspace, with the style shifting between the two because glass works with paint differently than canvas, and that changes my approach drastically. The most significant shift is that all of my window paintings are painted backwards on the other side of the window.